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Dentistry has evolved to become a complex blend of science, technology and art. Dental scientific literature, techniques, materials, and technology are rapidly advancing. This coupled with the increasing numbers of patients who are informed, demands that the dental practitioner continuously obtain further education, experience and specific focused competencies.

The enactment of the Dental Registration Act on 1st January 2008 heralds a new era of Dentistry in Singapore. Clinicians with relevant training and experience may now register with the Singapore Dental Council as Dental Specialists.

Recognition of advanced training, along with the conferment of the specialist title is a challenge to any regulatory body due to the myriad of courses available today. The Dental Specialists Accreditation Board (DSAB) with the aid of its Dental Specialist Accreditation Committees (DSAC) is committed to provide a transparent and up-to-date training and maintenance criteria for specialist registration.