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General Overview

A Dental Specialist is someone who has achieved advanced education and training in a specific speciality of dentistry. In addition, one is required to have at least some years of experience practicing his/her speciality before being admitted onto the specialist register. Further training in non-specialized fields such as aesthetics, and implants do not warrant the awarding of specialist recognition.

Progression Model



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Becoming a Dental Specialist in Singapore

Specialist accreditation by the DSAB is currently open to SDC registered dentists who fulfill the conditions set out by the DSAB. For information on registering as a dentist with the Singapore Dental Council, please click here.

To become a Dental Specialist, the Applicant must have undergone an approved speciality programme. For more information, please refer here.


    Postgraduate Training

    The Applicant can refer to the Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) residency programmes offered by the Division of Graduate Dental Studies, Faculty of Dentistry, National University of Singapore. Equivalent postgraduate training programmes are also offered by foreign universities/institutions.


    Specialist Accreditation

    The criteria for dental specialist accreditation for the respective specialties under the non-grandfathering phase can be found below.

    Download the criteria* for Specialist Accreditation here.

    *these criteria are subject to change at any time without prior notice.


    Specialist Accreditation

    Once an Applicant has met the criteria for specialist accreditation in the respective speciality, he/she can apply online for dental specialist accreditation.            



                Dental Specialists Accreditation Board

                c/o Singapore Dental Council

                81 Kim Keat Road

                #09-00 NKF Centre

                Singapore 328836

      If your application has been successful, the Board will issue you with a letter notifying you of your successful accreditation. Upon receipt of the letter of accreditation from the Board, submit the application for registration as dental specialist online at the Singapore Dental Council website. You have to attach the letter of accreditation issued by the DSAB and pay the prescribed fee of $500 at the point of application submission.


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      Dental Ethics, Law & Professionalism

      The Singapore Dental Council is a statutory board established under the Dental Registration Act (Chapter 76) to register and regulate the conduct and ethics of dentists and oral health therapists in Singapore. It is also responsible for making recommendations for the training and continuing education of registered dental practitioners, courses of instructions and examinations leading to the Dental degree and Oral Health Therapy qualification in Singapore.


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