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Titles for use only by Registered Allied Health Professionals

The titles listed in the table below are only for use by registered allied health professionals.

Allied Health Profession Titles
Occupational Therapy (or Ergomedicine or Ergotherapy)
  1. Occupational Therapist
  2. Ergotherapist
Radiation Therapy 
  1. Radiation Therapist
  2. Therapeutic Radiographer 
  1. Diagnostic Radiographer
  2. Radiographer
  3. Radiologic Technologist 
  1. Physiotherapist
  2. Physical Therapist
Speech-Language Pathology (or Speech Language Pathology)
  1. Speech Language Therapist (or Speech-Language Therapist)
  2. Speech Language Pathologist (or Speech-Language Pathologist)
  3. Speech and Language Therapist (or Speech-and-Language Therapist)
  4. Speech and Language Pathologist (or Speech-and-Language Pathologist)
  5. Speech Therapist (or Speech-Therapist)
  6. Speech Pathologist (or Speech-Pathologist)

Only professionals registered in their respective allied health professions may use these titles.

It is an offence for a person who is not a qualified allied health professional to falsely assume the title listed in the Table, and likewise for a qualified allied health professional to falsely assume the titles listed in the Table other than in his prescribed profession (Please refer to Section 29 and Section 30 of the Allied Health Professions Act 2011 for details).

Last updated: 08 Jul 2018 18:45