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Practising Certificate

All registered Allied Health Professionals who wish to practice in Singapore need to apply and pay the relevant prescribed fees [PDF, 11KB]  for a Practising Certificate (PC).  The prescribed fees include an application fee of SGD20 and a practising fee of SGD140 per year or part thereof.

For the renewal of PC, the application shall be made no later than 30 days before the expiration of the PC. A late application fee [PDF, 11KB] of SGD100 shall be charged instead of SGD20 for late renewal applications.

Application Guide

You may like to read through the information below before you submit your application for PC.

  • As the Professional Registration System (PRS) only accepts payment by credit card or eNETS, please ensure that you have your credit card or eNETS information ready at hand before proceeding to file your application for PC.
  • For first time PC applicants and those applying for PC after conversion of their registration types, please prepare the relevant practising fee as per advised in your registration outcome letter.
  • For renewals submitted as least 30 days from the expiration of the current PC, please note that you will need to make payment of SGD300 (inclusive of the application fee of SGD20 and a 2-year practising certificate fee of SGD280).
  • For renewals submitted less than 30 days from the expiration of the current PC, please note that you will need to make payment of SGD380 (inclusive of the late application fee of SGD100 and a 2-year practising fee of SGD280).
  • Submit the online application for PC together with the necessary PC fees.
  • Secretariat will begin to process your application for PC.  Please note that your receipt will only be generated 5 working days after payment was made.

Important Note:

  • Allied Health Professionals are strongly encouraged to submit their application for PC expeditiously as you may be required to stop your practice if you do not receive your PC before the expiry of your current PC.


Future Requirements for PC Renewal
In future, besides the prescribed PC fees [PDF, 11KB], registrants may be required to show proof of Continuing Professional Education (CPE)  and that they are actively practising before their PCs can be renewed.
Last updated: 10 Sep 2018 16:22