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Submitting a Complaint

Important instructions on putting up a Statutory Declaration

Submitting the Statutory Declaration

Applicable for all Statutory Declarations:

1. Please engage your own Commissioner for Oaths to make your Statutory Declaration in Singapore.  You may visit The Law Society of Singapore website at for the list of Commissioners for Oaths in Singapore.  After endorsement by your own Commissioner for Oaths, please submit the Statutory Declaration [PDF, 31KB] and your letter of complaint to:

Chairman, Complaints Panel
Allied Health Professions Council
16 College Road, #01-01
College of Medicine Building
Singapore 169854

For Complaints against an Allied Health Professional:

1. Before your proceed to lodge a complaint against an allied health professional, it is important that you have read and understood the information found under 'Things you should know before making a complaint to AHPC'.

2. Failure to complete the Statutory Declaration Form [PDF, 31KB] correctly may cause the complaint to be rejected.  You will need to resubmit an acceptable Statutory Declaration in such an event.

3. The Complaints Committee will acknowledge receipt of your complaint and inform you in writing once an outcome has been reached.

Last updated: 08 Jul 2018 18:19