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Full Registration (F)

Full registration allows an allied health professional to generally practice in the profession without supervision.

Eligibility Requirements

For allied health professionals who were already practising their profession in Singapore as at commencement date, the requirements are :

  • A basic/primary professional qualification that is found on the Lists of Recognised Qualifications; OR
  • A basic/primary professional qualification that had been previously been allowed as part of the work pass application; OR
  • Taken and passed the Qualifying Examination; AND
  • At least 1 year of professional practice experience in Singapore in his allied health profession (e.g. as an Diagnostic Radiographer or a Radiation Therapist) as at commencement date; and
  • Actively practising in the profession


Important Note:
Those with professional practice experience of 2 years or less in Singapore as at commencement date will be required to demonstrate English Language Proficiency if the medium of instruction in their basic/primary professional qualification was not in English. Practitioners who have not met this requirement by the end of the 1-year grace period will be granted Conditional registration for 1 year to fulfil the requirement.
Last updated: 08 Jul 2018 15:52