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Dear Allied Health Professionals and Human Resource Personnel

The AHPC would like to inform you that the Practicing Certificate (PC) mass renewal exercise will commence from Tuesday, 1 October 2019. Individuals who are affected by this exercise include registered Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) under full or restricted registration whose PCs are lapsing on 31 December 2019.

All registered AHPs who wish to practise in Singapore need to apply and pay the relevant prescribed fees for a PC. The prescribed fees include an application fee of SGD20 and a practicing fee of SGD140 per year or part thereof. AHPs under full or restricted registration must select the Full Fee (2 years) option if you intend to continue practicing in Singapore.

Applications for renewal of PC should be made no later than 30 days before the expiration of your PC. A late application fee of SGD100 shall be charged for late submissions and to avoid incurring this charge, you must submit your application for PC renewals before 2 December 2019.

Your application for renewal of PC must be submitted online via the AHPC’s Professional Registration System (PRS). You are recommended to log into the PRS to update your particulars before the commencement of the PC mass renewal exercise as your personal information needs to be accurate and up-to-date in order to complete your application for a new PC. Applications for Update of Particulars may take up to a week to be approved.

The AHPC would like to seek the assistance of Human Resource personnel in disseminating this information to their organisation’s AHPs. Therapists should be encouraged to submit their applications for renewal of PC early so as to avoid incurring the late fee. Please note that in the event of a late submission, AHPs may be required to stop their practice if they do not receive their new PC before the expiry of their current PC. AHPs who do not receive any e-mail prompts to submit their application for PC renewal after 1 October 2019 should write to so that their email address can be updated in the PRS.

Please click here to download the full circular.