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Dear Allied Health Professionals, Employers and HR Colleagues,
The AHPC would like to inform you that we have updated the Supervisor Assessment Report (SAR) forms.
The changes are summarized in the table below:


Type of Changes

SF3 (Assessment Report)


  • Changes in format to make the form intuitive
  • Inclusion of additional instructions to emphasize that it is mandatory to highlight area of concerns
  • Supervisee’s acknowledgment section

SF4 (End of Supervised Practice Evaluation Report)

  • Supervisee’s acknowledgment section

SF6 (Supervision Logs)

  • Inclusion of recommended supervision activities
  • Additional column to include number of hours for each activity
  • Submission in an excel format by double clicking on the table
Please be informed that from 1 January 2020, submissions using the older versions of the SARs will be rejected.  Supervisors are encouraged to start using the revised forms with immediate effect.
Do also note that all supervisees will have to submit the SF6 (Supervision Logs) using the new forms.  Organizations using their own version of the SF6 will have to make the transition by 1 January 2020. 
The revised forms are now available for download on the AHPC website under the “Forms and Downloads” section.

Click here for the full circular.