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Temporary registration (Service) for Diagnostic Radiographers

Diagnostic Radiographers who meet the eligibility criteria as specified below will be eligible for Temporary registration. 

Eligibility criteria:

1. Applicants must hold a relevant professional qualification (equivalent to a degree).
2. Applicants must have an offer of employment from one of the following categories of employers in Singapore:

  • Restructured Hospitals and National Specialty Centres; or
  • Private Hospitals.

3. Applicants must have passed their National Licensure Examination in their country of training and/or practice (where applicable).
4. Applicants must have passed the Radiation Qualifying Test conducted by National Environment Agency (NEA).

Applicants will need to make a choice between:

  1. Taking and passing the Qualifying Examination (QE) to be eligible for Conditional registration; and
  2. Taking and passing the Radiation Qualifying Test conducted by NEA to be eligible for Temporary registration.

(i.e. Those who have taken the QE once will not be eligible for Temporary registration). 


The conditions imposed on Temporary registration are as follows:

1. Temporary registration will be granted for 1 year only.
2. Supervision Intensity is at Level 1 throughout the period of Temporary registration i.e. 4 hours/week for the 1st month and 4 hours/fortnight for the remaining supervision period.
3. A change of employer is only allowed once during the Temporary registration period.  A new registration application and corresponding fees are to be submitted for a change request.
4. The names of the Diagnostic Radiographers on Temporary registration will be removed from the Register of Allied Health Professionals with Temporary registration once he/she fails the QE on his/her second attempt.
Conversion to Conditional registration is allowed at any time during the Temporary registration period upon fulfilling the following conditions:

  • Passing the QE;
  • Completing the Case Assignments [PDF, 50KB]; and
  • Satisfactory Supervisor Assessment Reports


Upon conversion to Conditional registration, the following conditions need to be fulfilled prior to being eligible for Full Registration:

  1. Complete 2 years of full time supervised practice (Supervision intensity during Conditional registration will depend on the outcome of the Supervisors Assessment Reports submitted during Temporary registration); and
  2. Meeting the AHPC English Language Proficiency requirements