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Temporary Registration (Service)

For the Speech-Language Therapist:

Readiness Review for Employers of Therapists eligible only for Temporary Registration (Service)

Before the AHPC grants a Speech-Language Therapist Temporary Registration (Service), the employer must be able to demonstrate their ability to provide supervision to hire Speech-Language Therapists under Conditional Registration. Only organisations who have met the Readiness Review criteria and have 2 full-time supervisory grade staff under their employ may hire Speech-Language Therapists eligible for Temporary Registration (Service).

Criteria to be Granted Temporary registration (Service)

The AHPC will consider granting 12 months of Temporary Registration (Service) to Speech-Language Therapists (SLT) who meet ALL of the following criteria:   

  1. Applicants must have met English Language Proficiency Requirements at the point of registration;
  2. Applicants must hold a professional qualification obtained from Australia, United Kingdom, India and Philippines (subject to additional requirements);
  3. Employing organisations who have met the Temporary Registration (Service) supervisory requirements for SLTs as approved by AHPC;
  4. The applicant's assigned supervisors must be on full time employment; and
  5. Employing organisations who can provide the highest intensity of supervision (at L1, 1st month intensity) throughout the Temporary Registration period.


The SLT must sign up for the next available SLT Qualifying Examination after being granted Temporary Registration (Service) with the AHPC. SLTs on Temporary Registration (Service) will not be allowed to change employers. 

Supervision Requirements

SLTs on Temporary Registration (Service) will have to undergo supervision at L1, 1st month intensity (at 8 hours per week) for their entire registration period. Therapists are required to submit case reports for review (40 case reports in the first 2 months and 5 case reports each in the subsequent 10 months) while on supervision.

Conversion to Conditional Registration

The SLT may apply for conversion to Conditional Registration upon passing the QE.  They will have to submit another application for registration via the Professional Registration System and will be subject to the prevailing rules of Conditional Registration. 


Important Note:

The AHPC will not accede to requests/appeals on deviation of the supervisor-supervisee ratio, supervisors’ employment status and the organisations’ Readiness Review/Supervisory requirements.

Last updated: 08 Jul 2018 23:26