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Supervisory Framework

Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) who are placed on conditional registration during the grace period for the respective allied health profession group are required to adhere to the Grace Period Supervised Practice Guidelines as listed below.  These requirements will apply throughout their supervised practice period unless there is a change in employer.  Changes in employer may result in prevailing supervision requirements being applied with the new employer.

  1. For Diagnostic Radiographer and Radiation Therapist, click here [PDF, 132KB].
  2. For Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist and Speech-Language Therapist, click here [PDF, 72KB].

After the grace period, AHPs on Conditional registration are required to work under supervision and with an employer or in an establishment which have demonstrated that the supervision systems and structures are in place and are compliant with the prevailing Supervised Practice Guidelines as listed below: 

  1. For Diagnostic Radiographer and Radiation Therapist, click here [PDF, 385KB].
  2. For Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist and Speech-Language Therapist, click here [PDF, 153KB].

Such employers/establishments must fulfil the following:

  1. Minimally have at least 2 full time Fully registered supervisory grade staff in the relevant professions;
  2. Have clear policies for training and development, performance management, peer review structures in place for multi-rater reviews; and
  3. A proper system to manage complaints and adverse feedbacks received against registered AHPs.

Employment of AHPs on Conditional registration

Readiness Review for Employers of AHPs who are eligible only for Conditional Registration

The readiness review evaluates whether an organisation is able to fulfil the supervised practice requirements for registered AHPs on Conditional registration as stipulated in the prevailing AHPC's Supervised Practice Guidelines.  The review also helps the organisation to identify areas that need to be addressed in order for the organisation to meet the requirements.

Only organisations which have demonstrated the ability to provide supervision as stipulated in the guidelines may hire AHPs who are not already practising in Singapore at the time of recruitment i.e. those only eligible for conditional registration.  These include fresh graduates AHPs with no prior professional practice experience in Singapore and returnees to practice.

To determine if your organisation has the supervisory structures to hire AHPs eligible for Conditional registration, please complete the organisation self-assessment checklist (i.e. Form SF1 B).

Applications for a readiness review can be made using the following forms:

  1. SF1, [PDF, 531.1KB]
  2. SF1A [XLS, 33KB], and
  3. SF1B [361.8KB, PDF]

Change of Supervisor(s), employer or employment arrangements for AHPs under Supervision

Registrants on conditional registration (C-Reg) must notify the AHPC in writing at least 1 month in advance and obtain AHPC’s approval before implementing any change of supervisor(s), employer or employment arrangements (e.g. change from full-time to part-time practice, rotations to other positions).

C-Regs leaving their organizations are required to inform the AHPC on the day they tender their resignation and update the Council of their last working day

The table below summarised the information and/or documents which the AHPC requires for the processing of the various changes for Conditionally registered AHPs.

Type of change

Documents to be submitted

Change in Reporting Supervisor(s)


  • AHP and Employer to email AHPC within 2 weeks of the date of the letter of resignation or the last working day, whichever is earlier
  • Supervisor to submit supervisor assessment reports (SF3, SF4) and supervision log (SF6) covering till the C-Reg last working day

Change in Employment Status
(from part time to full time and vice versa)

  • Letter from HR or employer indicating the change
  • Supervisor Assessment Report (SF3)
  • Supervision Log (SF6)

Change in Employer

  • The intended date for the change to take effect;
  • The name and address of new employer;
  • Details of the new employment arrangement (Full time or part time employment. Please state the work hours/week for part time employment);
  • A copy of the new employment letter; and
  • An Undertaking by Supervisor (Form SF2) [PDF, 149KB] to be completed by the supervisor(s) from the new employer (hardcopy to be mailed to AHPC)


Failure to do so amounts to non-compliance with the AHPC's Supervised Practice Guidelines and the conditions of the conditional registration.

Please note that AHPC will not approve the changes if the new arrangements do not meet the supervised practice requirements for the AHP’s registration.
If there is a change in employer or place of practice, the AHP on Conditional registration must revert to first month L1 supervision while on Conditional registration and submit a Supervisor Assessment Report after completing the first month L1 supervision with his new employer. The AHPC will advise on the period and level of supervision required after the review of the supervisor assessment reports.