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Registration Application Guide/Steps

The AHPC would like to inform you that our new Professional Registration System (PRS) for regulated allied health professional groups will be launching on 7 May 2015. The PRS will replace previous manual submissions for registration. For more information on the PRS, please refer to this circular [PDF, 234KB] or the PRS user manuals which are available on our “Forms & Downloads” page which will guide you through this process.

If you are a new applicant for registration with the AHPC, to access the PRS, please click on the button on the left column of the page labelled “Pre-Application”. We strongly advise that you take some time to go through our website to familiarise yourself with registration requirements. You are also advised to familiarise yourself with AHPC’s Supervised Practice Guidelines (2014) when considering offers of employment as an allied health professional in Singapore.

The AHPC will still accept manual submissions from allied health professionals who are seeking registration as a visiting expert. If you are such an applicant, please refer to our requirements for registration as a visiting expert.  

  • Please prepare all the required supporting documents for your application. These documents will need to be uploaded as part of your application for registration. They should be named appropriately and in PDF or JPEG format. The file size should not exceed 1 MB each.
  • The prescribed fees for registration is SGD200.  Please have your credit card or eNETs card ready as the AHPC only accepts the these modes of payment on the PRS.
    • For therapists with no prior practice experience in Singapore or have never been registered with the AHPC, please refer to the table of supporting documents appended below.
    • For therapists whose registration with the AHPC has expired or is expiring (e.g. conditional registration, temporary registration) and applying for extension or conversion of registration status, no additional supporting documents are required if the supervision reports and logbooks have been submitted.
  • For therapists with no prior practice experience in Singapore or have never been registered with the AHPC, you will need to submit your application via the PRS. Please click on the “Pre-Application” button which can be found on the left column of the AHPC’s website. From here, follow the steps set out on the online application form.
  • For therapists who are registered with the AHPC and applying for extension or conversion of registration status, log into the PRS and submit an application for registration.   
  • Please read the important instructions and inforamtion provided on the online application and fill up the form accordingly.  It may take you 20 minutes to complete the form.
  • Please note that it is a criminal offence to make any false statements or to provide any false information and/or document(s) to the Council.
  • Submit your application online and ensure that your supporting documents have been uploaded in support of your application. For documents that need to be sent to the AHPC directly, these documents should be mailed to:

Postal Address:
Allied Health Professions Council
16 College Road, #01-01
College of Medicine Building
Singapore 169854

  • Please wait for the registration outcome letter from the Council.  If successful, you will be required to collect your Registration Certificate in person at the Council's office and apply for your practising certificate.

: Applicants are to inform the Council of any changes in employer while waiting for the registration outcome.

List A: Supporting Documents Required from the Applicant
Photocopies of these documents are required for the Council to start reviewing your application.  However, the review process can only be completed when the Council receives the Letter of Verification, transcript, and/or Certificate of Good Standing (refer to note 1 and 2 below) from the University / Institute of Higher Learning, and/or the relevant regulatory or licensing authority as applicable.
a) NRIC, Work Pass (e.g. S-Pass, EP, LOC etc) or Passport For NRIC or Work Pass, photocopies of the front and back are required.
For Passport, photocopies of the information pages and pages with photograph are required
b) Letter of offer of employment from the prospective employer in Singapore  
c) Basic and postgraduate qualification certificates

All certificates/degree or diploma parchments and transcripts for qualifications entered in the application form must be provided.

Direct source verification of the basic professional qualification is mandatory.

d) Certificate of Registration with other regulatory authority (if applicable)  
e) Results of Licensing or National Examination (if applicable)  

f) Results of English Language Proficiency Test

(if you are required to demonstrate proficiency and have taken any such tests previously)

Examples of English Language Proficiency Tests: TOEFL, IELTS or OET.
g) Certificate of Service or Work Testimonial Applicable to applicants with professional practice experience only and document to be obtained from the last employer.

The applicant's name, appointment, period of employment, nature of work and assessment of work performance must be indicated in the Certificate of Service / Work Testimonial using the employing institution's letterhead.  It needs to be dated, duly signed by an authorised person and endorsed with the employing institution's stamp.
List B: Supporting Documents required from the Current/Prospective Employer in Singapore
Forms required can be downloaded from the "Forms and Downloads" tab
a) Form SF2 - Undertaking by Supervisor To be completed by the supervisor assigned by the employer.
Applicable to applicants with no professional practice experience in Singapore; and those who are not practising in the profession in Singapore at the time of application for registration.
b) Form RR2 - Details of Job Appointment / Activity in Singapore To be completed by the employer, training or education provider.
Applicable to those who will be involved only in training, teaching or research activities while in Singapore.


  1. If you have graduated from a training programme outside of Singapore, please arrange for the University or Institute of Higher Learning awarding the qualification to send the following to the Council directly:

    a) A Letter of Verification1 of your basic and postgraduate qualification (if applicable); or
    b) Transcript of examination results for every year of your education; and
    c) An original testimonial from the Dean, Registrar or Lecturer of the University or Institute of Higher Learning, attesting to your good character (required for fresh graduates only).

  2. If you have been registered or licensed in another country within the past 3 years, please arrange with the regulatory or licensing authority with whom you were registered or licensed, to send to the Council a Certificate of Good Standing2 and details3 of your registration or licensure.

1 The Letter of Verification from the University or Institute of Higher Learning must contain the applicant's name, date of entry into the course, date of graduation, degree or title conferred, medium of instruction for the course, and must be duly endorsed by the Dean, Registrar or an authorised officer of the awarding institution.

2 The Certificate of Good Standing must reach the Council within 3 months of its date of issue.

3 Details of registration or licensure must contain the applicant's name, date and type of registration, registration number, information on his/her professional conduct, information on his/her registration suspension or cancellation, and fitness to practice if not already included in the Certification of Good Standing.

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