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Criteria for Registration

To be eligible for registration, the applicant must:

  1. Possess a basic/primary professional qualification in his profession [e.g. BSc (Diagnostic Radiography) for a Diagnostic Radiographer or BSc (Physiotherapy) for a Physiotherapist];
  2. Be bona fide;
  3. Have an offer of employment in his profession in Singapore; and
  4. Be of good standing/reputation/character.

 The Council will also consider other factors, where applicable, such as:

  1. Work experience and history (e.g. whether the applicant has been in active clinical practice, professional practice experience);
  2. Registration with other licensing authorities (e.g. National Environment Agency, overseas regulatory authorities);
  3. Passing the National Licensure Examination in their country of training and/or practice;
  4. Evidence of proficiency in English Language;
  5. Physical and mental health status;
  6. Post-graduate qualifications where applicable; and
  7. Passing the Qualifying Examination (QE) if applicable. 

Only work done as a Diagnostic Radiographer, an Occupational Therapist, a Physiotherapist, a Radiation Therapist or a Speech-Language Therapist will be considered professional practice experience.

English Language Proficiency Requirement

All applicants whose basic professional qualification was not obtained from Singapore, Australia, Canada (except Quebec), New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, South Africa, United Kingdom or the United States of America, will be required to demonstrate English Language Proficiency before Conditional registration can be granted. 

Acceptable English Language Proficiency Tests
Table 1 presents the minimum acceptable scores from various international English language testing systems. 

1.    For registration applicants with no professional practice experience in Singapore and for those who started work on or after commencement date for the respective allied health professional group, only results taken within 2 years preceding the date of the registration application will be accepted.

2.    There is no limit to the number of attempts applicants may make to meet the English Language Proficiency requirements.  However, applicants must meet the requirements for all components of each test in a single examination sitting.

Table 1: Acceptable English Language Proficiency Scores
  Diagnostic Radiography and Radiation Therapy1 Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy1 Speech-Language Therapy1
IELTS (Academic Module) At least 6 for ALL components (Listening, Reading, Writing AND Speaking)  At least 7 for ALL components (Listening, Reading, Writing AND Speaking) Overall 8 and no less than 7.5 for ALL components (Listening, Reading, Writing AND Speaking)
TOEFL At least 70 marks for internet-based test

(each of the 4 components must have a score of at least 15 marks)
100 marks for internet-based test 110 marks for internet-based test
OET Grade B and above  Grade B and above  At least 3 Grade As and 1 Grade B
1 All affected applicants must show proof of English Language Proficiency at the point of registration application. All affected applicants must pass all components of each test in a single examination sitting.