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General Overview

Becoming a Specialist

A doctor would need to complete specialist post-graduate training and passed examinations based on Singapore’s training standards in the specialty before he/she can apply to the Specialists Accrediation Board (SAB) for accreditation and the Singapre Medical Council (SMC) for specialist registration to practise as a specialist doctor.

Postgraduate Training

For residency training, residents would be matched into a training programme under a Sponsoring Institution (SI). The programme director will be responsible for the training of the resident.

Specialist Accreditation

All doctors who wish to practice as a specialist must first get the accreditation of the Specialists Accreditation Board (SAB). For more details, please refer to the section on Specialist Accreditation.

Specialist Registration

Upon obtaining a Specialist Accreditation certificate from the SAB, the doctor is required to register his name in the Register of Specialists with the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) before he is allowed to practise as a specialist in his field of specialty. For more information, please refer to SMC’s website at

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Postgraduate Training Tracks in Singapore

Residency training programmes:

  • Is formative training;
  • Conducted in an environment of structured learning and education; and
  • Has educational goals for competencies to become a specialist or family physician.

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Other Specialist Training Information

For other general information on Specialist Training, please refer to the section on Specialist Training System.

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Medical Ethics, Law & Professionalism Course

A course on medical ethics, professionalism and health law for advanced specialist trainees or senior residents approved by the Specialist Accreditation Board (SAB) is a mandatory requirement for exit certification. For more information on this course, please refer to the section on Medical Ethics, Law & Professionalism.

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