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SNB issues practising certificates for nurses/midwives on its Register and Roll. 

Under the Nurses and Midwives Act (Chapter 209), a person must be registered/enrolled with the Singapore Nursing Board (SNB) and possess a valid Practising Certificate (PC) in order to practise nursing/midwifery in Singapore.

It is an offence to practise nursing/midwifery without a valid practising certificate.
[ Nurses and Midwives Act (Chapter 209) Section 26 (1) ]


It is the responsibility of the individual nurse/midwife to apply and pay for the yearly renewal of the practising certificate no later than 1 month before the expiry date on 31 December [ Nurses and Midwives Act (Chapter 209) Section 18 (4) ].

To apply for the renewal of PC, you must:

a) Complete Declaration on your fitness to continue nursing/midwifery practice; and
b) Make Payment (the SNB Fee for Application/Renewal for Practising Certificate is applicable)

For applications made after 30 November, the SNB Fee for Late Application/Renewal of Practising Certificate shall apply.

There shall be no refund once payment is made unless there are valid justifications. For such cases, a written request must be submitted which includes your name, registration/enrolment number, amount paid and reasons.




Online Renewal


For SUCCESSFUL Renewal of Practising Certificate

For payment by eNETS Credit/Debit Card and eNETS Internet Banking, your Practising Certificate will be sent to you after the payment has been received by SNB.  This usually takes about 5-6 working days.  The receipt will be available online upon successful payment.

Your registration/enrolment as nurse/midwife will be cancelled if you did NOT renew your practising certificate for a continuous period of 5 years. Once cancelled, you are required to attend a Return-to-Nursing/Midwifery programme before you can apply for Re-registration/Re-enrolment to practise nursing/midwifery.

Nurses/Midwives are required to inform SNB of any changes in particulars within 28 days of the change.
[ Nurses and Midwives Act (Chapter 209) Section 13 (3) ]

Please click here for more information on updating your particulars.

Last Updated :  11 Mar 2014 08:54