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Not in Active Practice

The Council has decided to lower the CME requirements for doctors who are not actively practising medicine because they have retired or are doing full-time administrative work, etc. The requirements for doctors on lower CME points are:  

a)  They cannot practise medicine, whether or not fees are charged
b)  They can only write simple prescriptions for their family members, for which proper records must be kept

Doctors who wish to apply for lower compulsory CME requirements may wish to submit an online application for Lower CME requirements via the SMC online system. Once approved, these doctors will have their compulsory CME requirements lowered to:

a)   10 points per year for those holding a 1-year PC; or 20 points in 2 years for those holding a 2-year PC; and
b)   There will be no core point requirements or cap on points earned within a CME category.

Doctors on lower CME requirement may  resume active practice only if they obtain at least 50 CME points, of which at least 10 must be core in each of their registered specialties, in the period of 24 months immediately preceding the date on which they have indicated to the Medical Council that they wish to resume active practice.

CME Categories

Please click here for more information on the various CME categories that doctors may claim from.

Last Updated :  31 Mar 2014 16:47