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The Medical Registration Act came into operation on 3 April 1998 and was recently amended on 1 December 2010 (the 'Amended Act').

Under the Amended Act, a Complaints Panel shall be made up of:

  • not less than 10 Council members;
  • not less than 10 and not more than 100 registered practitioners of at least 10 years standing who are not Council members, and
  • not less than 6 and not more than 50 lay persons nominated by the Minister.

Complaints received under the Amended Act are considered by the Complaints Committees, which draw their members from the Complaints Panel. Each Complaints Comittee comprises:

  • a chairman, being a member of the Complaints Panel who is a member of the Medical Council;
  • a registered medical practitioner who is a member of the Complaints Panel; and
  • a lay person who is a member of the Complaints Panel.
Last Updated :  02 Aug 2011 17:50