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Doctors who did not meet CME Requirements

Doctors who fail to meet the CME requirements (either the total minimum points or core points requirement) at the end of their CME qualifying period (QP) will not be allowed to renew their practising certificates (PCs), but may continue to practise until their PCs expire.

They will only be allowed to make up their shortfall of points after the expiry date of their PCs. This means that these doctors will have to:

(i) Cease practice when their PCs expire;
(ii) Make up the shortfall of points; AND
(iii) Apply for a new PC,

before they can resume clinical practice.

Pursuant to Section 17 of the Medical Registration Act, a doctor who practises medicine without a valid PC shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $100,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12 months or to both.

Doctors are required to make up for their shortfall of CME points within a 1-year time-frame.
The CME points accumulated as "make-up" points for the previous CME QP cannot be credited into the doctor's current CME QP.

Doctors who have made up their CME shortfall will need to submit the following documents to SMC to apply for a new PC:

a)    A Certificate of Good Standing (CGS) issued by the Medical Council of the country in which they have been practising,prior to their application for a new PC. The original CGS must not exceed 3 months from its date of issue and must be sent to the SMC directly by the overseas council/licensing authority

b)    Completed and signed application form (which can be downloaded from www.smc.gov.sg);

c)    Prevailing prescribed fee for a new PC

The validity period of the new PCs issued to these doctors will be less than 12 months (for 1-year PC) or less than 24 months (for 2-year PC), to coincide with the original expiry date of the PC had it not lapsed. This would mean a 'shorter' PC validity period and there will be no proration of fees.

For doctors who fail to make up the shortfall of CME points within a 1-year time-frame or who have allowed their PCs to lapse for more than a year, their request for a new PC will be treated as a fresh application. Please refer to "Doctors with Lapsed PCs" for more information.

Last Updated :  05 Apr 2018 14:12