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Allows a medical graduate who wishes to obtain a certificate of experience to be employed as a house officer / Postgraduate Year 1 (PGY1) trainee in one or more approved hospitals in Singapore for a period of 12 months.

Eligibility requirements:

  • holds an MBBS degree awarded by the National University of Singapore; or
  • holds an MD degree awarded by the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore; or
  • holds an MBBS degree awarded by Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, Nanyang Technological University - Imperial College London; or
  • holds a basic* medical degree from a university/ medical school listed in the Schedule of the Medical Registration Act.

* Medical degree obtained via a 'twinning programme' would be considered only if the clinical training years and final examinations are completed in the country where the Scheduled medical school or university is sited.

a) Application for provisional registration must be submitted through a local employer whose hospitals are accredited for the training of House Officers/ PGY1 trainees in Singapore.
b) Provisionally registered doctors holding MBBS or equivalent degree awarded by any of the medical schools specified in the First Schedule of the Medical Registration Act may apply for full registration after they have fulfilled the prevailing conditions for full registration.
c) Provisionally registered doctors holding a degree from a university specified in the Second Schedule of the MRA or a registrable postgraduate medical qualification recognised by SMC may apply for conditional registration after they have fulfilled the prevailing conditions for conditional registration.
d) Medical graduate must start the housemanship within two years of graduation from medical school.

Cancellation of Provisional Registration:

The SMC may consider cancellation of the doctor’s provisional registration if:

  • Doctor has breached the conditions of his medical registration; or
  • Doctor has ceased practice at the approved place of employment; or
  • Doctor has performed poorly; or
  • Doctor has ceased practice for long periods without prior approval from SMC, e.g. taken No-Pay leave without SMC’s approval.

The doctor’s PC will be deemed cancelled in the event that his registration has been cancelled by the SMC

No-Pay Leave application:

The employing institution must submit a request (via a request form) for the doctor to remain on the register should he / she wish to go on No-Pay Leave. The provisionally registrant may be required to re-register his / her provisional registration to make up the shortfall in the housemanship / PGY1 training period in the event he / she is granted the No-Pay leave by submitting a fresh application and fee for provisional registration.

A request to extend the period of No-Pay leave must be submitted by the employing institution if the doctor wishes to extend his / her No-Pay leave beyond the SMC-approved period.

All requests should be submitted to Council at least 4 weeks before the doctor embarks on / continues with his / her No-Pay Leave. The outcome will be made known to the employer 2 weeks after the receipt of request.

The doctor’s medical registration will be cancelled if the request is not approved by the Medical Council.  The doctor must re-apply for medical registration to resume practice in Singapore if he had gone ahead with his NPL without SMC’s approval.

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