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Allows an international medical graduate to work only in an SMC-approved healthcare institution, under the supervision of a fully registered medical practitioner.

Eligibility requirements:

  • holds a basic1 medical degree from a university / medical school listed in the Second Schedule of the Medical Registration Act; or
  • has a postgraduate or exit specialist qualification recognised by the Specialists Accreditation Board; and
  • has been selected for employment in a Singapore hospital / institution / medical practice in an SMC-approved healthcare institution; and
  • holds a certificate of experience as proof of satisfactory completion of housemanship; and
  • is currently in active clinical practice2; and
  • has passed such national licensing examination as required in the country where the basic medical degree was conferred (where applicable); and
  • has been certified to be in good standing by the overseas regulatory body or medical council equivalent; and
  • fulfils English Language requirements of SMC if the medium of instruction for the basic medical qualification is not in the English Language

1 Medical degree obtained via a 'twinning programme' would be considered only if the clinical training years and final examinations are completed in the country where the Scheduled medical school or university is sited.

2The doctor should be in active clinical practice for the 3 years preceding the application for medical registration (i.e. 168 hours during 3 years prior to the application).


All conditionally registered doctors must engage in clinical practice under the supervision of an appropriate supervisor approved by SMC. Conditionally registered doctors may apply for full registration after they have fulfilled the specified period of service under conditional registration as depicted in table 1 below and any other prevailing criteria.

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