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1. The Singapore Medical Council (SMC) notes that an increasing number of medical practitioners are displaying their titles and designations inappropriately, with the potential to mislead patients and members of the public.

2. Designations used should reflect a doctor's official appointment in a Hospital, Institution or Clinic. In addition, while one may use titles such as Professor, Associate Professor, Adjunct Professor and Honorary Professor as part of his or her salutation, medical practitioners should display such titles only if:

a. The title is currently valid and not a past appointment.
b. The title represents a substantive appointment. For overseas universities, there must be a letter of verification.
c. Only professorial titles associated with accredited Medical Faculties of accredited Universities in Singapore may be placed before the name of the doctors.
d. All other titles must be stated underneath the doctor's name only.

3. Please refer to the following link for more information and examples of display of titles and designations approved by SMC.

Last Updated :  05 Jan 2018 12:04