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The Singapore Medical Council (SMC) has been receiving requests from doctors applying for specialist's registration; to align or back-date the entry date of their names to the Register of Specialists to correspond with the date of their Specialist Accreditation Certificate issued by the Specialists Accreditation Board (SAB), Ministry of Health.

2. The practice of backdating of registration dates is not in harmony with the Medical Registration Act (MRA), Cap 174. In accordance to Section 65 (1)1 of the MRA, a registered medical practitioner must be registered as a specialist under Section 22, before he can practise or hold himself out as a specialist in that branch of medicine or field of specialty.

3. The SMC will not entertain any request for the backdating of the specialist registration with immediate effect.

4. To ensure that his specialist registration is completed in a timely manner, the SMC recommends that the doctor applies for registration as a specialist immediately after he is accredited by the SAB. The doctor may refer himself to be a specialist upon receiving written confirmation from the SMC that his application for specialist registration has been successful.

5. Any doctor who contravenes Section 65(1) may be subject to disciplinary proceedings under the MRA.


1Section 65 - (1) A registered medical practitioner who is not registered under section 22 as a specialist in a branch of medicine shall not -

(a) practise medicine or that branch of medicine under the style or title of a specialist in that branch of medicine, or under any name, title, addition or description implying that he is such a specialist or has any degree, qualification or experience in that branch of medicine; or (b) advertise or hold himself out as a specialist in that branch of medicine.

(2) A registered medical practitioner who contravenes subsection (1) may be subjected to disciplinary proceedings under this Act

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