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            The Singapore Medical Council held an election from 21 May to 3 June 2014 to fill seven (7) positions in the Council arising from the end of term of office for the following members on 18 May 2014: 

                1. Dr Cheng Wai Sam Christopher
                2. Dr Fock Kwong Ming
                3. Dr Ng Han Seong
                4. Dr Low Cheng Ooi
                5. Dr Rasanayagam Wilmot Rajasingam
                6. Dr Tan Chi Chiu
                7. Dr Tan Kok Soo

2.         A total of 8 candidates stood for the election. Out of a total of 8434 fully registered doctors who were eligible to vote, 8269 doctors (i.e. 98%) cast their votes. The number of votes received by each candidate who stood for the elections is as follows:

  Candidate's Name Number of Votes
              Dr Chen Suet Ching Jeanette 2,668
  Dr Chua Swee Boon Raymond 2,691
  Dr Fock Kwong Ming 2,837
  Dr Koura Aaryan Nath 1,409
  Dr Low Cheng Ooi 3,314
  Dr Ng Wei Keong Alan 2,911
  Dr Tan Chi Chiu 3,543
  Dr Thirumoorthy Thamotharampillai 4,025

3.         The following 7 candidates with the highest number of votes have accordingly been elected to serve for a term of 3 years, with effect from 9 June 2014.

                1. Dr Chen Suet Ching Jeanette
                2. Dr Chua Swee Boon Raymond
                3. Dr Fock Kwong Ming
                4. Dr Low Cheng Ooi
                5. Dr Ng Wei Keong Alan
                6. Dr Tan Chi Chiu
                7. Dr Thirumoorthy Thamotharampillai

4.        SMC would like to thank all the candidates who participated in the elections.                                       

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