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1.         The Singapore Medical Council held an election from 8 to 25 October 2012 to elect 3 members to the Council to fill 3 vacant positions arising from the following members’ terms of office ending on 20 November 2012:

            (a) A/Prof Siow Jin Keat
            (b) Prof Tay Boon keng
            (c) Dr Wong Sin Yew

2.         A total of 5 candidates stood for election. Out of the total of 7998 fully-registered medical practitioners eligible to vote, 7863 doctors (i.e. 98.3%) cast their votes. The number of votes received by each candidate is as follows:

            Candidate's Names                                            Number of Votes

            Prof Anantharaman VENKATARAMAN                      3611          

            Dr CHANG Tou Choong                                                1880

            Prof CHIA Sing Joo                                                        2562

            A/Prof SIOW Jin Keat                                                     2754

            Prof TAY Boon Keng                                                      3269

3.         The following 3 candidates, having received the top 3 highest number of votes, have been elected to serve for a term of office of 3 years, with effect from 21 November 2012:

            (a) Prof Anantharaman VENKATARAMAN
            (b) Prof TAY Boon Keng
            (c) A/Prof SIOW Jin Keat

4.        SMC thanks all who participated in the elections

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