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The Singapore Medical Council (SMC) has recently reviewed its position regarding the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) by SMC-registered medical practitioners who are also registered with the Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioners Board (TCMPB).

SMC supports only the needle form of acupuncture practice. Other modalities of acupuncture practice including Moxibustion are not supported.  As such, any SMC-registered medical practitioner who is concurrently registered with the TCMPB, either as a TCM Physician or an Acupuncturist, will be allowed to practise the ‘needle-form’ of acupuncture only.

Any medical practitioner who is found in breach of the above may be subject to disciplinary action by the SMC.

Please contact the SMC Secretariat at Enquiries@smc.gov.sg should you need further clarification.

Last Updated :  27 Dec 2012 09:32