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The dental register is divided into a Full Registration, Conditional Registration and Temporary Registration. This division will allow for restrictions on the practice of dentistry in respect of each sub-register to be drawn up, proportionate to the qualifications and experience of the dentist in that sub-register, in the interest of safeguarding dental standards and public safety.

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Use of professional titles and designations

For dentists under Division I of the register, who are not registered under the Dental Specialist Register, they may use titles such as "Dental Surgeon", "Dentist" or " General Dental Practitioner".

For dentists under Division II of the register, they may use titles such as “Registered Dentist” or “Dentist”.

For Dentists registered under the Dental Specialist Register, they will only use the titles " Dental Specialist in (Specialty)" or the title of "Endodontist"; "Orthodontist"; "Oral-Maxillofacial Surgeon"; "Periodontist"; "Pedodontist" or "Prosthodontist".

Designations such as "Registrar, Senior Registrar, Associate Consultant, Consultant, Senior Consultant" are hospital or institution appointments can only be used by registered hospital or institution appointed staff. These designations should not be linked to any specialty of Dentistry eg "Consultant Prosthodontist". These designations and appointments should instead relate to departments, hospitals or institutions awarding such designations.

The use of such titles, designations and qualifications should be used as follows:


BDS (S'pore), Grad Dip Dental Implantology (S'pore)
Dental Surgeon
XYZ Dental Clinic




BDS (S'pore); MSc (Endodontics) Lond
Dental Specialist in Endodontics (or Endodontist)
Consultant, Dept of

Use of titles and appointments conferred by overseas institutions

Dentist, who has been conferred titles and appointments by overseas institutions, should not display such titles and appointments on their local clinic stationery. However, he/she can list such titles or appointments on their conferring university’s or institution’s name cards, stationery or any other business cards (not local clinic stationery).



Full Registration

Dentist under full registration is allowed to practise independently anywhere in Singapore.

Criteria for Full Registration:



holds a basic dental degree from Singapore; or


holds such qualifications as may be recognised by the Council and satisfies the Council that he has special knowledge and skill and sufficient experience in any particular branch of dentistry ;


Conditional Registration

Dentist under conditional registration is required to adhere to conditions laid down by Council.

Council may specify : -


that dentist registered under Conditional Registration to work for a specified period (usually 2 years) under the supervision of a fully registered dentist approved by the Council; and


the particular employment or the descriptions of employment for the purposes of which he is registered under this section.

The supervisor is required to submit a supervisory report to the Council once every 6 months.

Dentists under conditional registration may apply for conversion to Full Registration after 2 years but this will be subjected to Council’s approval.

Criteria for Conditional Registration:


holds a degree from a university specified in the Schedule or any other degree which is, in the opinion of the Council, not lower in standing than a degree specified in the Schedule;(ii)


graduates from recognised dental schools listed in the Schedule must pass the relevant State/Regional Board licensing examination in the country which they attained their basic dental degree. For any country that imposes such licensing conditions on its own dental graduates, the corresponding conditions will also be required for registration to practise in Singapore;


has been selected for employment in Singapore as a dentist in any hospital or other institution or dental practice approved by the Council; and


satisfies the Council that he has the knowledge and skill and has acquired the experience which is necessary for practice as a dentist.

(v) has sat and passed qualifying examination (please refer to eligibility for application to sit for qualifying examination)




Temporary Registration

Dentist under temporary registration is only allowed to practise for a short period of time.

Criteria for Temporary Registration:


who is in Singapore for the purpose of teaching, research or postgraduate study in dentistry under such training scheme as may be approved by the Council for that purpose;


who possesses dental knowledge, experience and skill which the Council considers to be of international standing or are such as to have special value to the people of Singapore; or


who is not otherwise entitled to be registered as a dentist under this Act but who, in the opinion of the Council, possesses other qualifications which are adequate for the purposes of registration under this Act.

Registration shall be for a period not exceeding 3 years which may be renewed, at the discretion of the Council, for such further period as the Council thinks fit.



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