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With vast increase in the knowledge base, it is essential that health professionals constantly update their skills. In an effort to ensure quality, the following groups of dental professionals are now required to pursue Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for renewal of Practising Certificate (PC):


Dental Professionals

i) Dentist

    a) Division I
    b) Division II

ii) Oral Health Therapists (OHTs)

Dental professionals have the personal responsibility to maintain his/her professional competence so as to offer the appropriate dental care to the public and maintain quality professional practice.

From 1 October 2007, all Dental Professionals in Singapore would be involved in the CPE Programme initiated by the Singapore Dental Council (SDC). Under this programme, all Dental Professionals are required to fulfil a certain number of CPE hours, in order to renew their PC. The qualifying period will be for 2 years.

Should you have queries pertaining to the CPE, you may also contact Council's office at enquiries@dentalcouncil.gov.sg or fax at (65) 6253 3185 or write to:

Singapore Dental Council
16 College Road
College of Medicine Building
Singapore 169854

Last Updated :  01 Feb 2018 16:08