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Examination Dates

Anaesthesiology Exit Examination (Part 1) 14 February 2015
Internal Medicine Intermediate Examination 21 March 2015
Pathology Intermediate Examination 4 July 2015
Family Medicine Exit Examination (Part 1) 1 August 2015
Paediatric Medicine Exit Examination (Part 1) 1 August 2015
Psychiatry Exit Examination (Part 1) 1 August 2015
Ophthalmology Exit Examination (Part 1) 21 November 2015
Otorhinolaryngology Exit Examination (Part 1) 21 November 2015
Assessment for Medical Practice (AMP) Examination 23 May 2015

Post-Graduate Examinations


Other Examinations


Specialist Examination Register (SER)

SER is an online platform for Program Directors / Residency Advisory Committee to endorse candidates for postgraduate medical examinations and for endorsed candidates to register and make payment for the examinations.

A valid SingPass account is required for log in. You can apply for an account here if you do not already have one.

Endorsed candidates must ensure their SMC ID matches their SingPass ID.  If it does not match, candidates will not be authorised to login.

Activity Services Affected Schedule
Weekly System Maintenance All services in SER Every Wednesday, 06:00 pm – 07:00 pm
eNETs System Maintenance All payment services for examination application No updates