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For On-Site Supervision

If you are providing on-site supervision to your supervisee, please perform a quaterly review on your supervisee's progression and provide the neccessary guidance on his/her practices.

Please prepare the following report on a quaterly basis and advice your supervisee to consolidate all reports and submit them together with their logbook.

Supervisor Report Template


For Off-Site Supervision

If you were appointed as an off-site supervisor, please ensure that you visit your supervisee at his/her workpalce and perform a monthly review on their progression and provide guidance on their practice.

Please prepare the following report on a monthly basis and advice your supervisee to submit all reports upon the submission of their logbook.

Supervisor Report Template
Review Report for Optician (Dispensing)
Review Report for Optician (Refraction & Dispensing)
Review Report for Optometrist

Termination of Supervision

If you would like to terminate the supervision of your supervisee, please email the Board your request with the subject heading: <Termination of supervison for (Supervisee's name)> via our email address: enquiries@oob.gov.sg

Please ensure the your email includes the following information:

1. Effective date of supervision- Indicate to the Board the date where you started supervising your supervisee.

2. Date of termination- Indicate to the Board the date where you will cease supervision.

3. Reason for termination- Explain to the Board in details, the reason of termination of your supervisee.

Kindly be reminded that you must still signed all the cases and complete all reports when he/she was still practising under your supervision.

Last Updated :  19 Jul 2017 14:30