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Please note that your registration is granted in relation to your principal place of practice, therefore, you must inform the Board of any prospective change.

The Board will review your request and advise you accordingly. Please ensure that approval have been granted by the Board before you start practising at your new workplace. Please click here for more information on the request for change for workplace/supervisor.

Please be reminded that the Board has the power to review or cancel any registration if it is satisfied that the registered person has failed to comply with any condition to which his/her registration is subjected to. 


Please note that under section 13(4) of the Optometrists and Opticians Act, all registered optometrists and opticians, whether practising full time or part time, must inform the Registrar in writing of any change in his name, residential address, practice address or other particulars as may be prescribed, within 28 days of the occurrence of the change.

Any registered person who have stopped practice, either temporary or for good, must also notify the Registrar in writing on the change of practice status within 28 days of occurrence of the change.

Any person who fails to comply may be compounded by the Board as an offence and shall be liable to a fine not exceeding $1,000.

Application Process (for practitioner holding full registration only)

All fully registered optometrists and opticians who wish to update their particulars on any changes to the following, please submit your update via professional registration system (PRS).:

  1.     Name;
  2.     Residential and/or Mailing address;
  3.     Residential Status;
  4.     Employments at primary practice address (includes change of outlet but within same company);
  5.     Employment at secondary practice address;
  6.     Email address;
  7.     Mobile number;
  8.     Any change or additional to his qualifications.

With effect from 15 Jan 2017, all practitioners are required to log in PRS using SingPass & 2FA. Prior to proceed with your application, please refer to the process below.

For SingPass Eligible User:

Step 1
Log in PRS using your Singpass & 2FA

If you are eligible for SingPass and have yet to set-up your 2FA, please refer to SingPass for further information.  
Step 2  Documents required

- If you are updating changes to your name, a deed poll and new NRIC is required to submit.
- If you are updating/adding new employment with new address or change of optical shop name, 
  a Bizfile and/or HR confirmation of the changes with the date of operation and full address of the outlet(s).
Step 3  Check all of your personal and employment details are updated accordingly, you would not be able to
proceed if there is any missing field. Upload all the supporting documents and then click proceed/submit.
Step 4  Your application will take 1-2 weeks to process. Once it has approved, your application will be updated accordingly.

For user who are not eligible for SingPass

Practitioner who are no longer holding a valid work permit (WP)/ employment pass (EP) or holding a valid WP but not eligible for SingPass, you are required to apply for 2FA Onekey token.

Please note that this 2FA onekey token only allow you to log in and access to OOB’s PRS.

To apply for one-key token, please follow the steps below:

Step 1  Update Residential Status

Update us with your identification number by email us your latest valid passport to enquiries@oob.gov.sg
Step 2 

Log in PRS

Once you have received our notification that your information have been updated. Proceed to log in PRS using your registration number (Exxxxxxx) and password.

Step 3 

Application for 2FA onekey token

Following information required:

- Full name
- Passport number
- Email address
- Mailing address (Please ensure the address provided is correct. Incorrect address may result to loss of parcel and you would have to submit a fresh application with new application fee.)

Click submit to proceed with your application for 2FA onekey token.

Note: Once your application is approved, you will be charged with a non-refundable application fee for local address -S$15 and for overseas address - $50. Fees are subjected to change without prior notice.

Step 4  Processing time and delivery of token

- Processing of your application may takes 1-2 weeks.
- If your application is successful, you may receive your 2FA token within 4 weeks
Step 5  Log in PRS using your Singpass & 2FA and repeat the process stated above for SingPass User. 



Last Updated :  23 Aug 2017 14:48