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Any registered person who obtains a qualification in addition to the qualification of which he/she has been registered may apply to have that additional qualification entered in the Register of Optometrists/Opticians.

Before you apply, please ensure that the qualification is approved under the Schedule and that you have read the information on Additional Qualifications.

Application shall be accompanied by the following supporting documents and prescribed fee:
  1. Copies of the qualification certificate; and
  2. Copies of the academic transcripts; and
  3. Letter of Verification (LV) - to arrange the coferring institutions to email the LV directly to Optometrists and Opticians Board(OOB) at enquiries@oob.gov.sg using the conferring institution’s official email.  
  4. A non-refundable application fee of $50

Each application is restricted to apply for display of one additional qualification only. Please submit separate applications if you have more than one additional qualification to make.

Any documents in foreign language shall be submitted together with the certified English translations and original copies of the documents.

Please note that honorary titles will not be approved for display. The qualification must be based on training courses.

Please be informed that incomplete application will be rejected.

Please click here to apply for Additional Qualification via the online registration system.


The processing time for each application is approximately fourteen working days upon complete documentation.

Successful applicants will received an official letter from the Board. You will be scheduled an appointment for the Board to verify your original qualification certificate and transcript and also to collect your new registration certificate (for registrable qualifications only).

Last Updated :  29 Mar 2017 15:39