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It is now mandatory for all optometrists and opticians with Full Registration to achieve their CPE credits at their next Practising Certificate (PC) renewal. 

Under the Board’s Code of Professional Conduct and Professional Practice Guidelines (article 5.4 and 6.4), all registered optometrists and opticians are expected to participate in CPE to ensure that their optometry and opticianry knowledge and skills remain current and relevant and a reasonable level of competence is maintained.  A breach of any article in the Code and Guidelines including failure to achieve the necessary CPE credits as determined by the Board could amount to professional misconduct and make you liable for disciplinary action by the Board.  

The qualifying period usually starts from October to the following September. A fully registered person will be going through a 2 year cycle. Therefore, please note that the targeted number of points within the qualifying period of 2 years for Opticians is 40 credits, and Optometrists 50 credits.

Guidelines and Manuals for CPE Program

Practitioners should refer to the following guidelines for more details about claiming for CPE points.

Guide to CPE Program for Optometrists and Opticians (Oct 2016)
CPE Claims User Manual for Optometrists and Opticians

Submission of Attendance

Practitioners who have attended local CPE events (Category 1A) that are run by the accredited providers (refer to CPE guidelines) will have their CPE points automatically credited to them. Practitioners may login to the system after 30days from the date of activity to check on their attendance.

Practitioners who have attended activities run by non-approved providers may submit for claims under cat 1A via the online system after logging in. Application submitted will be reviewed and subject to the Board's approval.

Activity Category Description CPE Points System Maximum Points QP
Category 1A Local CPE Activities
Any activities conducted/ organised by local providers.
1 point per hour for participants

2 points per hour for speakers
No Caps
Category 1B Overseas CPE Activities
Overseas CPE activities refer to the activities you attended outside of Singapore.
1 point per hour for participants

2 points per hour for speakers
Category 2 Publications
Publications related to optometry or opticianry.

Author –
1 paper = 5 points

1 paper = 5 points

1 paper = 2 points

Category 3 Reading & Online Programmes
a) Article that is related to optometry/opticianry or article that will aid the practitioner in the practice of optometry/opticianry; or
b) Practice guidelines compilation; or
c) Video/audio tapes or podcasts
d) Online quiz by recognised overseas agencies
1 point per submission 30
Category 4

Formal Certification Course
Certification must be in relation to optometry or opticianry and courses must be approved by OOB.

Any optometry/opticianry related certificates from a non-recognized institution (overseas/local) would be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Please note that any course attended for the purpose of registration cannot be considered as a CPE activity.

1 completed module = 4 CPE points 40
Category 5

Supervisory Framework (Supervisor Role)

Supervision must be a full time, on-site supervision.  

The supervision must be not less than 12 months and your supervisee must have successfully obtained full registration during QP. 

Claim(s) has to be submitted within 6 months from the supervisee’s registration date.

5 points per supervisee 30
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