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Continuing Professional Education (CPE) consists of educational activities that serve to maintain, develop or increase the knowledge, skills and professional performance of optometrists and opticians. It is important that the practitioners continue to upgrade their professional competence to provide the most up-to-date services to the public. To ensure this, the Board oversees a CPE framework to help practitioners to stay conversant.

The Board had recently enhanced the CPE framework and it is now mandatory for all professionals with Full Registration to achieve their CPE credits obtained during the qualifying period at their next PC renewal.

Under the Board’s Code of Professional Conduct and Professional Practice Guidelines (article 5.4 and 6.4), all registered optometrists and opticians are expected to participate in CPE to ensure that their optometry and opticianry knowledge and skills remain current and relevant and a reasonable level of competence is maintained.  A breach of any article in the Code and Guidelines including failure to achieve the necessary CPE credits as determined by the Board could amount to professional misconduct and make you liable for disciplinary action by the Board.

The qualifying period usually starts from October to the following September. A fully registered person will be going through a 2 year cycle. Therefore, please note that the targeted number of points within the qualifying period of 2 years for Opticians is 40 credits, and Optometrists 50 credits.

Last Updated :  04 Oct 2016 12:07