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The Dental Specialists Accreditation Board (DSAB) has appointed the College of Dental Surgeons, Singapore (CDSS) of the Academy of Medicine to form the Joint Committee for Dental Specialist Accreditation (JCDSA) whose function is to appoint and oversee Dental Specialist Accreditation Committees (DSAC) for the various dental specialties.

Terms of Reference

  • To assess the qualifications, experience and other conditions for dental specialist accreditation

  • To assess the training programmes of persons who wish to qualify for registration as specialists

  • To conduct exit assessments for specialist accreditation

  • To review and recommend criteria for the accreditation of dental specialists


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Members of the DSAC (Endodontics)

  • Dr Long Benjamin Charles (Chairman)
  • Dr Lim Sor Kheng
  • Dr Ong Eng Yau
  • Dr Sim Peng Chuan Timothy
  • Dr Wee Tse Rjen Johnathan Junior
  • Dr Lee Siew King Terence
  • Dr Lim Kian Chong Gerald
  • Dr Lui Jeen Nee 

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Members of the DSAC (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery)

  • Dr Go Wee Ser (Chairman)
  • Dr Andrew Ow Tjin-Chiew
  • Dr Goh Bee Tin
  • Dr Lim Ah Tong Asher
  • Dr Lye Kok Weng
  • Dr Tay Pek Lian Sylvia
  • Dr Lim Kheng Ann
  • Dr Teh Luan Yook 

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Members of the DSAC (Orthodontics)

  • Dr Tan Hui Ling Vivien (Chairman)
  • Dr Lim Chong Yang Arthur
  • Dr Lim Kuen Fui
  • Dr Loh Soo Ann
  • Dr Hwang Yee Cheau
  • Dr Ho Chee Wai Henry
  • Dr Koh Chay Hui
  • Dr Lee Ping Geraldine


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Members of the DSAC (Paediatric Dentistry)

  • Dr Mok Yuen Yue Betty (Chairman)
  • Dr Lai Wen Pui Bien
  • Dr Teo Kuo-Yih Terence @ Terry
  • Dr Toh Siew Luan
  • Dr Eu Oy Chu
  • Dr Ng Jing Jing
  • Dr Tong Huei Jinn 

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Members of the DSAC (Periodontics)

  • Dr Gunaratnam Madeliene Rathi (Chairman)
  • Dr Koh Chu Guan
  • Dr Ong Meng Ann Marianne
  • Dr Tay Bee Kiong Fidelia
  • Dr Tay Lai Hock Alphonsus
  • Dr Tan Wah Ching
  • Dr Wong Li Beng
  • Dr Yeo Boon Keng Alvin 

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Members of the DSAC (Prosthodontics)

  • Dr Sim Poh Choo Christina (Chairman)
  • Dr Cheng Chi-Chung Ansgar
  • Dr Leong Woei Jian Elvin
  • Dr Yu Tsao-Pan Peter
  • Dr Neo Tee Khin
  • Dr Quek Heng Chuan
  • Dr Tan Hee Hon
  • Dr Tan Ken 

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Last Updated :  29 Jun 2017 17:53